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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breaking * NEWS * FLASH * Kony is Alfred E. Neuman, exhaustive independent study by high level researchers, me, finds: The ears say it all!

After an exhaustive study of literally a dozen or so pictures of Alfred E. Neumann, by my hand-picked team of me; a highly trained Car-park attendant with the important additional responsibility of lavatory maintenance at the local Mall and specialist force polemicist and pseudo scientist. We (me) have come to the ground-breaking conclusion that the Africom scam that is Kony 2012, is nothing less than a special operation, black-ops, psy-ops, elite crack undercover farce managed by ME! Currently located in my secret undercover tool shed, which is referred to by my team, me, as the OTHER Iron Mountain!
The featured high level, top secret, hush hush image of Kony as he appeared on the first draft of the mossad/CIA MI6 (my) artwork that was to be issued to the world's crack force of elite media shills; prior to the precocious brat from next-door rudely pointing out that the real Kony, is not a freckle-faced white jew kid from New York.
The proof is here, as leaked by high rankings insiders with close connections to me...watch this excellent vid for the real deal:



INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

v I think it was Tarpley who pointed out that Soetoro was installed because there is likely a big KABOOM coming soon to Africa, Bazza has got the appropriate camo. So no hints of imperial racism then!!

Most MilBlogs have noted that Djib is heaving with air assets and this guy has joined the dots


The crossedcrocodiles article in the comments is most informative.

I remember a year ago or so seeing a graphic about nations with the 5 largest populations over the century 1950-2050 and the one stat that raised my eyebrows was Nigeria at around 400 millions.

That spells trouble for our heathenoids and plans must already be in place to make sure nothing can come from that latent power or population.

Coincidentally 2ndlook touched on this very recently. http://2ndlook.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/behind-population-control/

Good find v.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Forgot to state the obvious v.

Bazza is doing a good job so no matter what, the zombiedroids of USofA corp. will be preprogrammed to return the alien.

Reminds me of Bowie.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65EJCzqOzdc


veritas6464 said...

Hey Tuks,....Yep, spot on as per. I was a Bowie madman when I was a kid. I have however, over the past few years, developed some suspicion, due to the heavily khabbalistic imagery he utilises. None the less:

Songs like "Quicksand, "Kooks, "Cracked Actor", "Wild is the Wind", the perverse proph-apocalyptic resonance of "Five Years", pretty much soundtracked a demented adolescence...my formative years were shrouded within the swirling skeins of an eclectic miasma: I was not generally a happy child, my time was coloured with intermittent bilious raptured conniptions, which made for an ungainly meter akin to a motor with fuel-line issues.

"I've written, a letter to Daddy..."


musique said...


This is an absolutely brilliant piece, cuzzie!

Whatta scam this kony guy is. Night and day, day and night, celebs are foaming in their mouth with govt. fed propaganda about this CIA installed stooge. Mad twittering yiddie birds!

Eventually, they will be sending goy boys to "capture" this stooge and yiddie doctors for "humanitarian mission" related works. Remember Haiti??

It was hilarious to see the Chinese gay dancing with the Africans (4:51). May be he was saying to himself, "Let's dance now but later on you all will be my slave workin beyotches, only .0002 cent a day!"

It is soooo sad when a dumb like me can figure out scam such as this.

U.S. Marines Set Up Asia Pacific Base In Australia

We are still colonial slaves/hostages. The face of the master has been changed from whatever our parents experienced.

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique, ya man, it's such a farce I just couldn't help taking the piss!

Excellent link mate, cheers.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

v did you notice that Bush got all shakey when regulars with gunfire and sniper got close?

Bazza didn't like officer graduates bearing swords.

Pancetta doesn't fancy getting baked by troopers this past week.

It is all cracking up for the heathen.

Did you notice?

The perps fear they are all getting new short term breathing apparatus.


Pour me a pint of heavy.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Tuks,...Yep they're gett'n edgy. As the Angry Mob hoves into view, try this on for size when considering the rats leaving the soggying vessel!



John Friend said...

Hey veritas! Great post!

Check out what this clown did out here in San Diego!

"The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Christian filmmaker behind the Internet’s most recent famous activism campaign, “Kony 2012,” has been arrested. For masturbating. And being drunk. And vandalizing cars. In public. In the morning.

Jason Russell, 33, was arrested Thursday morning by the San Diego Police Department in Southern California and the earliest reports detailing the incident suggest it was one hell of a day already for the Invisible Children co-founder and proclaimed “mastermind” behind the Kony 2012 viral video.Police say he was described as "in his underwear" when the first 911 calls were made.

San Diego Police Department Lieutenant Andrea Brown tells a local NBC affiliate that Russell was found masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of an unknown substance at around 11:30 am on Thursday. Authorities detained him at the intersection of Ingraham Street and Riviera Drive in San Diego, only a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean."


LMAO! What a spectacle that would have been to see! Too bad I wasn't around!

Poor guy, WTF is up with that? MKULTRA stuff?

veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,....Yeah, I've been LMAO about it all morning, what a...? Wanker? Haaaargh! Cooooeee, I bet the little, oh so compassionate chickee-babes and Uni snags want their money back now!

I love it when the NWO falls on it's arse!

Viva L'apocalypsa!


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Yep v; everyone is getting all excited about the heathen's disciples exiting.

How about they are getting a well earned retirement having spent their careers prosecuting a successful operation to destroy western civilisation.

The replacement killers will be not half as friendly.

Ba'al Hammon looks after his own.

Nothing more than rotation.

Changing of the guard.

Just a thought.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Tuks,...And soon it'll be a material thing, body counts for Baal, they'll be throwing goyim into Moloch's maw like counting sheeple in the sleep!

Hang on to your arse, it's going to be a bum-free ride!


musique said...

Hi cuzzie,

Russell is a big fan of oprah, bono, spoilberg, steve "blow" jobs & Baz Luhrmann. Not only that, he is also associated with liberty university, founded by cursed dead zionist jerry falwell.

Both hollyweird and the zioturd institute planted anal probes in him and both probes went off at the same time. Just like whatever happened to Cartman's character on South Park. In Russell's case, twice the strength, and twice the urge to "free willy"!

So me thinks that anal probes to blame for Jane Russell's malfunction!

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Here in rothschalia, all we've been getting ALL day is the sob story about the Marine that didn't do the "kil" in afghanistan and how lovely his wife is an how he is such a good guy. yeah right. Also, the lame stream media have been running the apology spin on russel since dawn, what fucking freak, if I did what he did, I'd be marching up the steps of the gallows now!

fuck'em all!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can see it now...Kony aka Alfie Newmann in blackface on the cover of MAD.

You guys are good. Can I join your hand-picked highly-trained team as a specialized part-time anynomous commenter and blog reader?

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@7:26ayem,...Sure can, we prefer people that have family or friends in high places, we essentially recruit from well-connected arse-hole families and masonic lodges, this way we can ensure that no common riff-raff (bad bloodlines wink wink) have any authority or real wealth. So, if you are from a background that is dripping in nepotistic scumbags, WELCOME ABOARD!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Russell ~ discarded MK ultra trauma based mind control victim. He had outlived his usefulness and the cover exposed so he had to be silenced... discredited, etc etc.

That is MY take on things. If that is the case, he is a life long victim of the government.

As for that situation in Afghanistan, the world knows the truth and it ain't the official American one. They have been pulling every lie in the book on this and it has been proven the guy blamed joined the army to avoid jail time for financial fraud. He sorta ripped old people off for a living.

However, ONE more "mistake" like this and the camel's back may be broken by that last straw.

The international media is getting louder about these things....

BTW... very funny post. I always knew you lived in the world of whimsy and fantasy!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Always on the Clock Tower mate, you know it, I think it becoming apparent to the shill media that they are vulnerable to the angry mob like none of their bosses are.

We don't need an election, we NEED a revolution!

See you at the Barricades babe!


Genie said...

Hey V, that video was very educating and so well done.
It seems incredible how these madmen can be so many places carrying out so many operations. I think the woman in the video said the US has a general in every country. Evil is too well organized, too ambitious, too driven. A smashing success! "if you don't want to lose, you have to have Jews!"

veritas6464 said...
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veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...It's biblical mate, they're not just mad, they're possessed by demons of greed, lust and vice. Time to start culling the flock of fruitcakes, eh?


Anonymous said...

Here's a short bio from the Institute for Policy Studies of the lovely Emira Woods who features in that brief film.


She's Columbia/Harvard-educated and a regular commentator on the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, among others. She's all published in the Washington Post, the NAACP's Crisis magazine, among others.

Translation: She's as establishment as they come.

So I really don't understand the angle of this video. Is it some sort of limited hangout?

Oh well. I still have a soft spot the beautiful Ms Woods and her ethno-African dress sense.

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@7:01ayem,...Excellent research, they're all shills, remember this; the fabian socialist are tasked with sneaking in the NWO, by subterfuge and social engineering, the Communists are tasked with slaughtering in the NWO, by war, famine and civil unrest. They are both controlled by the same tribe! Global two-party paradigm...


Olivier Klastat said...

Very nice blog :-)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Oliver Klastat,...Thank you welcome. I took a look at your place, mmmm, hectic eclectic!


Olivier Klastat said...

Cryptic eclectic hectic. Tic tic tac, tic, tac tic, tic tac... Like a clock. Tic tac, tac tic. Time is priceless and money is traffic paper. I like bog roll more, sounds almost like blog roll. Toilet paper. Blogs can be tactical papers, like cigarettes too. But don´t have to. Thank you :-)