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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lone Gunman Afghanistan - BULLSHIT! In global yiddish rabbinate's heroine factory formerly known as Afghanistan!

"Lone Gunman" is BULLSHIT! Any Ex-servicemen knows that a lone soldier cannot leave a secure base in a war-zone WITHOUT official Operational Orders, particularly if he is on Guard Duty! Oh, what about the jerry-can that held the petrol to burn the bodies, did he lug that around for an hour as he 'walked' alone, between villages? What about the armed civilians - Google any picture of Afghanistan and you will see armed civilians in every picture, WOT? No locals responded to this loud slaughter with gunfire, as he wandered around waking up the neighborhoods with machine-gun fire, murdering women and children in their beds? Not to mention the screams of the wounded and witnesses as the bodies burned! BULLSHIT, it had to be a team, it had to be organised and it had to be a co-ordinated 'Kill'! They say the alarm was first called when the Staff Sergeant was missing from his bed, I thought he was on guard duty? Staff Sergeants don't DO guard duty in the U.S. Army, so was he in bed, or was he on guard duty, or is this another "lone gunman" BS false-flag murder like Port Arthur, designed to set in motion another devious NWO agenda?!



INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Phukkin' A v.

U nailed the shit.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Tuks,...You know it!


missingarib said...

you would hope more people would think about the situation but the proof is in the pudding -you and a few others know the situation could not possible play out as described and hopefully after reading your efforts to point out the B. S. others will realize.
thank you for all your work
regards D

veritas6464 said...

Hey D,...Thanks for those few kind words.


Timster said...

Hey V...congrats on the article and WUFYS reprint! It's about time.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Nice to see you circulating again. "WUFYS" I don't know what that means, oops.



veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...WUFYS? I joogled it, whoop whoop, coooeee! Ize a seelebrit-ee now!


musique said...

Whaaaat? You've never heard of WYFUS? You have the original WYFUS gang member in the house all along and you didn't know it? Jee whiz, cuzzie!

Had to give you hard time! Heh heh...

It was the greatest site until 09, after that it has lost all the quality bloggers including Greg. WYFUS is where I became a big fan of Greg. Lately, the site has become ...bland, IMHO. Some bloggers get testy if you use "hibs", "yids" etc. Screw that!

That's another reason I've never asked you to start posting there. Can't have my cuzzie neutered like that, noo way!

I rather come here and hear it like it is. :)

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,..When I saw the site I knew it, I just don't get out of the house enough to be hip, y'all! Timster's a hipster cuz!

I'm hip now tho' bro', Ize linkin' twit!

Hip na y'all! HIP NAAA! Cooooeee!

We'z hip cuz, but t'char ready rockin steady wit dat shit cuz, leave me behind...dawg!

bad musique,

haa haa haaargh! No really, I am not as sexy as everyone thinks, heee hee hee!


Anonymous said...

Apparently the lone gunman is also up to his eyeballs in debt and guilty of financial fraud.

And now he's claiming he can't remember anything.

Sounds like this guy was offered a deal to be the lightly-punished patsy.

"We'll forgive your debts and financial crimes, if you play the poor shell-shocked soldier. You'll serve a couple of years tops in a minimum-security holiday camp."

The whole episode has the appearance of a planned and manufactured event. Yes, like the My Lai massacre.

Maybe they needed to bury some other news --- like Obama claiming dictatorial emergency powers as part of Continuity of Government planning. Maybe they want to cancel the election to ensure they keep their Wall Street puppet, Obama.

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@8:11pyem,..Excellent comment, aren't we the well-informed and articulate li'l anonymous guy?!