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Monday, March 12, 2012

Yid controlled anti-syria stooges and shills exposed and Busted! Meet "Syria Danny", bullshitter in situ; vid...

Got wankers?
The video is a classic case of "BUSTED", the soulless fucking moron featured in this video is the typical selfish pathological liar and fame-junky that the filthy yiddish khazars always choose when staffing their foreign spy agencies, this particular dickhead lives in London and thinks he works for the MI6, there are no such thing as MI6, CIA, ASIO or any other brand of spy/murder agency; they are like all the western governments, they are franchises of Yiddish Khazar Global Hegemony Corporation, registered in occupied Palestine: laugh along with me while we watch as this unmitigated fuckwit creates a blooper for mossad's funniest home videos!



Genie said...

I can't stand Anderson Cooper. He only deals with stooges.He is a stooge. I remember Cooper from the 2006 Zionist attack on Lebanon, Cooper kept referring to Hezbolla as "terrorists." What nerve.
There was another journalist over there at the time, I forget his name now, have not seen him around in awhile. He was the guy with the crooked nose and Australian(?) accent. He followed Hezbolla and they didn't harmed a hair on his head. He did excellent reporting. Anderson Cooper is no better than Danny in the video.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...cooper is primo wanker, shallow, ephemeral snot-gobbler! I'd like to know who that Aussie is, I know ALL the genuine Aussie crew, having worked with most of them or drank with them, or slept with them - COOOEEE!

Or....D. All of the above.

It used to be cool to be journo, now they're all shallow desperate "media celebrity" wannabees, no talent shills!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it may have been George Negus but he ended up being a c*** when it came to reporting about Libya last year, but the cock sucker was obviously trying to get a job which he did but didn't last long because he came across just like cooper, told what to say about Libya and Gadaffi and repeated it like a parrot.

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon @8:24,...Mmmmm, yes, negus, I hadn't thought of him, maybe you're right, he is wanker, bigtime!