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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Ritual Murders by satanic yiddish khazars...Watch your News for missing children!

Dr Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl (Russian spelling – 'Dal') 19th century Russian lexicographer, writer, historian, folklore collector…of Danish-French-German descent…("Denis Diderot + Noah Webster")


“For positive confirmation that an accusation of Jewish ritual murder is not simply slander or fiction, and that not one torture of the Middle Ages extorted from Jews this horrible acknowledgement, it is necessary to examine in more detail one of the better-known and well-documented cases of such. For example, the Velizh case was started on April 24, 1823 by the Velizh city police, and finished on January 18, 1835, a 12-year investigation in common meeting of State Council.”
The examination of this case occupies almost 60 pages of this book in its original format. On the last few pages, V.I. Dal concludes:
“I examined the entire number of horrible events, which are proved judiciously throughout history. The accusation that Jews painfully murder Christian babies around Easter time is impossible to discount as if a mere ghost story and superstition, and it is necessary to be convinced that this accusation is indeed reasonable...
There is a common opinion as to the Jews' usage of these martyrs' blood for some type of mysterious magical rites…
Of course, no intelligent person will dispute that in countries where Jews are tolerated, from time to time, the corpses of babies were discovered - almost always found in the same distorted condition or, at the least, showing that they suffered a similar violent death…
It is not just murder but, rather, the premeditated painful torture of innocent babies, committed by those who enjoy these torments for the special reasons associated with them…
From whence are these corpses of innocent children, intentionally distorted in the same manner? Why are these corpses only discovered in areas where the Jews reside? And, finally, why do these cases, almost exclusively, occur around Easter time?
The religious ceremony that results in mutilation does not occur among all Jews but, rather, without any doubt, only among the smallest portion of them: It exists only in the sect of the Hasidic Jews, a sect with the most persistent fanaticism, who acknowledge only Talmudic and Rabbinical books and renounce the Old Testament; but this is their big secret, perhaps, since not all of their brethren know about it and, of course, not all of the Hasidic Jews participate in it [yeah right!].
“There is not, however, any doubt that it has occurred since the time of Christianity spreading. And, from time to time, Jewish fanatics and kabalistic wizards appear who, having this double purpose, engage in the painful killing of a Christian baby and use his blood for mystical and religious purposes in an effort to create magic. Since the Middle Ages, Poland and our western provinces served as shelter for this inveterate and ignorant Jewish society; and now those areas represent the largest number of examples of such mutilations, especially the Vitebsk province where the Hasidic sect has significantly spread.”

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Anonymous said...

A fine book and important topic. won't be long now before they can relax and really enjoy themselves freely again.

Here's the topic dealt with on Oprah with a nice Jewish gal confessing.

There's also Prof. Ariel Toaff's book. www.jrbooksonline.com isn't loading so there's this: http://www.cwporter.com/toaff.htm

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@9:49pyem,...Oprah is a fat fucking joo dick eating kabalist fraud; I did see that women explain her satanic yiddish upbringing on jootoob though. As for Prof. Ariel Toaff's book, I did a Post on his writings a couple of years ago.



Noor al Haqiqa said...


Most of this black satanism is based on kabalistic lore and/or hatred of Christianity. It is part of the whole Elite programme of mind control, black magic and ritual energy.

Satanic Ritual Calendar

Evil from evil... that is "all" it is.

Anonymous said...

Two Coreys...


Reiner, Speilberg, Polanski..it never ends.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...As usual white-hot stuff, great link, essential archival stuff there mate.



veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@1:14pyem,...I was totally into those guys and their work, my partner is twelve years younger than me and was a total acolyte, the news of Haim's death brought her to tears, to see this stuff come out now, makes us MADDER! Haargh!

Thanks anon,