If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Monday, May 07, 2012

"My Name Is Rachel Corrie"...lest we forget! Video...

Lest we forget...With the recent zio-patriot-sham rituals that have been so much apart of the program of mind control lately, I feel it is important to remember our fallen, in this case the brave young lady...Rachel Corrie, who is our Benchmark of commitment and dedication, none that are in their homes today, Blogging or Protesting in Public by way of organized Resistance against the yiddish ZOGs have claim like the young lady Rachel Corrie, has claim. Our lives today are ever more being condensed and controlled, we are the boiling frogs, we are the mute masses, only at the Barricades, at the Front-lines of resistance and non-compliance in the Public Domain will we effect a true opposition to the filthy tribe of chosenites!





veritas6464 said...

Well, I'm still getting my average per diem hit count, however, NO-ONE is viewing the Rachel Corrie Post, NO-ONE, do you believe that? I fucking don't!

Joogle is obviously manipulating the hit count so that it doesn't get a higher rating in joogle search!



musique said...

Hey Cuzzie,

Since last two months, people are acting bit paranoid when it comes to posting on blogs. Even "anons" aren't posting much on Kenny's, or so it seems. Must be due to NDAA, CISPA all that.

Filthy tribes keep pushing holohoax© darling anne frank stories every day on the news/web but no mention of Rachael Corrie what so ever, which is utterly sickening.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Cuz,...Yeah, I get messed with by joogle and jootoob all the time, I have one particular Blog that has a link to a vid at jootoob that was featured in a News Story in the MSM here. I had over ten thousand hits on the Blog in one day and the Feedjit Live Traffic feed stats indicated that over eight thousand people had left the Blog through the video link to jootoob. The stats at jootoob indicated that the vid had only had 184 views!!! Fucking with my view stats, no other excuse.

The lack of the 'anon' troll thing at Kenny's is because rub-a-dub mick is using his blogger handle again, I was constantly being trolled and flamed by this dickhead over there, so I used a little app I have and traced the anon troll, it was rub-a-dub mick, fucking coward, he is a nutjob and a bullshit artist, he tells lies about why he shut down his old Blog, he says he just didn't have the time and energy - BS! he was shut down for "content harvesting" Blogger warned him a few times to stop plagiarising other peoples Posts, he didn't so they shut him down. which is why his handle is different now, his old handle is blocked. Wanker!

Now he's doing what he did at Les Visible's Blogs, he post comments constantly and links to his own Blog all the time, other people don't get a chance to follow a thread and response because he is always posting irrelevant shyte - take a look, Kenny's comment section has become the "rub-a-dub mick show".



Anonymous said...

Veritas, I can only view it with lengthy breaks in between.

Do you happen to anything about an outfit in South Australia by the name of veritasbooks? have tried to order without success and no response to my email. Fine collection of books. Thanks.

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@9:39ayem,...Lengthy breaks in between huh, how's your attention span working out for ya? It's only 5:55, (grin), you must be thinking of the Corby Doco'....Regarding the bookstore you mention, no idea, sorry. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

V, I'm back to throwing shit at the walls which astonished my better half years ago when we first met.

I got over it and the 9/11 came along and then one shoe dropped after another and here we are staring at the abyss of Zio-Tapeworm Infestation Enormity. Day after fuckin' day.

The things I read now are all astounding now: McCarthyism, US Civil War, Eduction, European history, ad fuckin nauseum.

Yeah, my reading span is short and there's lots of shit being thrown against walls.

Too bad about the book shop. Great collection. Excellent prices. Still no response.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Fuck it!

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@3:38pyem,..."my reading span", it's a video mate, what gives? Anyhoo, best of luck with your bookshop saga.