If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sexy Cheerleaders make powerful graphic protest against filthy israhell: Must see video!

JFK narrates this powerful demonstration of freedom to Occupy Ball-Parks!

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organ trafficking

Levy Rosenbaum Convicted of Organ Trafficking
Ten people [yiddish khazars actually] were detained for questioning in Jerusalem recently for being involved in a human organ trafficking ring.

The 10 are guilty of human trafficking, extortion and tax offences. The police’s National Fraud Investigation Unit and the Tax Authority are carrying out a joint investigation into the charges.

The trafficking ring was discovered after representatives of several foreign countries contacted Israeli authorities, requesting legal assistance due to suspicions that Israeli citizens were trading in kidneys in their countries.

Palestinian victim of organ harvesting
The complaints exposed an illegal network of brokers and dealers in transplant organs, in which Israeli citizens recruited organ donors and recipients and also carried out transplant surgeries illegally.

The suspects will be remanded on Wednesday morning at the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court, according to Walla news.

Go to voicesofpalestine.org open this link:

Go to whitenewsnow.com open this link:

Here's a site for working professionals that cannot possibly be considered conspiracy theorists:

Just google “israeli organ trafficking” in google 'images', follow the picture links; the instances of organ trafficking by the filthy tribe of child molesters are far too numerous to mention on this blog.

A brief response to all those yids and deluded goy apologists of the sin-magog of satans, regarding your complaints that I don't post your bullshit comments:

Fuck israhell!

Free Palestine!



A.Mouser said...

Thank you Veritas for giving your voice to try to wake up the world to what the sinful zionists are doing to our planet.

Is it just me or are these zionist NWO actions INCREASING in frquency and intensity? For example the USrael/NATO lie du jour. Even the unawake see it as Libya recycled.

Veterens are publically admitting they now know they were duped into fighting for international zionist banksters, and are asking to remember their fallen comrads AND those murdered by those duped.

Is there hope to free the world of the shackles of usury and wars for the 1%.

Brother in arms,


veritas6464 said...

Hey Mouser,...Thanks for your continued support, trying a paradigm shift with the contrast between sex and violent death, a sort of play on the yiddish talmudvision meme of incongruous brain hemisphere conflict.

Yes, it is intensifying, we are at the edge now, they have been waging war on us for several thousand years, lately they have employed the Fabian socialists; the sophisticated velvet-glove social-engineer mind controllers. They have lost patience with this method because they are running out of time the "Helper" is almost here! Now they have gone back to their Old Guard, the communists, the militant murderous thugs!

Things will move rapidly now that they are pushing a result on Syria to out-flank Iran!



Penny said...

Hi Veritas

Long time no stop by....
You mentioned Syria.
What an ugly mess.
I have never spent so much time blogging on one nations destruction.
It has become quite heartbreaking.

Yesterday I was on a forum at a msm news site
THey were censoring comment after comment, but, I put them through knowing the monitors would have to read them for approval

I asked why are you turning Canadians into bloodthirsty killers with your lying news?

Of course that one never saw it's way to being published

I tell ya V.
The hold the msm has on people is gosh darn scary
I mean really.
The power to turn good people bad.
So destructive of everything
It breaks me up a bit
You know?
I see you as feisty as ever!
Still, there is hope. :)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Pen',...Ya know, I have grown to love you guys, the Bloggers, the relentless toiling freedom writers that never say die and think it like it is an impending knock on the door by the building superintendent collecting rent, rent that ya just can't make, with two jobs and a maxed-out credit card! Still, ya keep on banging on that keyboard, you know, the two best Bloggers in this desperate business are both ladies, AP's a damn fine women and her work is exemplary!

If we don't win this thing the universe is fucked and can kiss my blanched anglo-saxon ass, coz it doesn't deserve such fine people.

I was in tears, raging at the idiot box the other day, knowing the lies and bullshit are now in juggernaut mode and children and their mums are gonna die horribly on an industrial scale, El Houla was a curtain raiser for the sin-magog of fucking satans!

Your prolific, accurate and consistently high standard of work will one day be considered a benchmark of Blogging...

Thank you for being such an incredible role model.

Here's looking at you kid...

I pray my saviour is imminent, for my eyes are sore from rubbing away hot tears and my throat is parched and raw from crying out my Lord's name in vain.

Pucker-up buttercup, the fight aint over yet and here they come again, stand steady at the barricade and present a bold and confident front to the enemy!



Penny said...

thanks v
dam you, you made me get teared up


veritas6464 said...

Hey Pen',..Think nothin' of it Ma'm. you're a gem.


Genie said...

The video makes a good point, V. I took the video out already but I had posted a youtube video of Lady Gaga talking about her gig in ersatz Israel recently. What nerve, she says "well maybe I will just get drunk in Jerusalem". Dig that...so many Palestinian children, mothers fathers grandparents murdered so that these sickos can get drunk in Jerusalem. That's what they were murdered for because that's all the Yids took Palestine for. Freedom to spread the disease they are made of. Well you know, this is what the Yids made out of Cuba and Iran and what the revolutions were about. Technology has leveled the playing field because they have nowhere to hide anymore. If they don't kill the planet first, the planet is going to kill them.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...The filthy tribe of child-molesters are maggots, maggots only thrive in pustular flesh, hence they are creating a global Sodom and Gomorrah, a world that is a collective of soulless zombies writhing in a morass of rotten sins of the flesh. Cirque de Soliel (circus of the sun[god]) is a classic example of the Roman Bread and Circuses programs to keep the people from thinking serious about the state of the Nation by being perpetually steeped in a devotion to sensual worldly nihilism.

Keep thinking, keep shouting, maintain the rage against the machine!



musique said...


Whatta catchy title and pic/vid to go with! A yiddie will be so tormented & tempted to post typical yiddie rant ...but "regarding your complaints that I don't post your bullshit comments:", alas!

That organ harvesting image is so gruesome & horrific and don't wish see something like it ever again.

But I have nooo problem what so ever if they molest their own, they all deserve it. They all grow up as molesters anyways weather they were molested or not. Just stay away from us.

Speaking of sports, how 'bout making kites out of severed baby yiddie penis skins (that's what a mohel is for!) and fly 'em during stormy afternoons, hmm?

V, this contry is turning into a serious zombieland and I ain't kidding! "Md. man admits eating heart of victim" just few days after a Florida man was arrested for cannibalism.

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Yep, endtimes cuzzy endtimes!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Several years ago, a young Palestinian boy was killed, he was 8 or 9 if I remember correctly.

The family decided to give his body for organ donations to any and all who needed them. This included both Palestinians and Jews.

A few years later, the family of the deceased child arranged to visit the families and children who their son's organs had helped live.

The Jewish families, one invited them in to meet their now healthy child and they expressed gratitude and thanks. As did another. The Palestinian families were more welcoming.

What GALLED ME was the one family whose son got the child's heart. In the interview the old patriarch of the family, when asked if he was grateful for the heart to his son (asked by some media person, the Palestinian father was too gracious a man to ask such a thing) the old man said, very grudgingly, "It would have been better if he had been a Jew." That was all he said.

I remember, at the time, being shocked at his rudeness. Now, not so much, I expect it almost.

This old guy with the curls and the silly hat could not even express thanks for a GIFT of life. But these folks certainly don't hesitate to take it all.

My "Beyond Disgust" series covers a lot of their crimes. They will not stop. It is their right to harvest the rest of us as they wish.

Or so they believe.

BTW what the HELL was that cheerleading thing all about Verytas? All I could think was... JKK would be screwing every one of those girls given the chance.....

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Yids are filthy hybrid parasites, they are not human and incapable of genuine feelings of empathy or sympathy - tribe of psychopaths.

As for the Cheerleader thing; trying an abstraction of the paradigm shift using the contrast between sex and violent death, a sort of play on the yiddish talmudvision meme of incongruous brain hemisphere conflict.